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All products adhere to the SABS 154 specification
A multiple services, horizontal and vertical surface mounted patient care system designed specifically for general ward, intensive care, recovery, pre-op and high care areas. Inter-connecting extruded aluminium profiles for individual or multiple bed wards. Ease of operation by nurses and tamper-proof access for maintenance. Integrated services can include:
Socket outlets Nurse call Patient earth Medical rail Independent light switching General ward uplighting
Patient hand set Reading light Examination light Emergency bell Bulgin plug Night light
Dimmer switch Monitor take-off Medical glasses Earth leakage protection Telephone outlet
Wiring All wiring done in 2.5mm pvc wire using bootlace connectors on all connections. Fascias are separately cut for easer maintenance on light fittings, plugs etc. All plugs and switches are not screwed to the fascias making cleaning easier. Plugs and switches are either the standard Crabtree or clip in modular system. Finishes can be done in anodised aluminium or powder coating in colours to suit.
1 - 2 bed vertical units 1 - 6 bed horizontal units Lengths depemdant on ceiling height or room size
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