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LED 5-3 - Integrated video system and monitor

1. MC models are equipped with Multi-Colour-chips. The use of different-coloured LED-chips allows the surgeon to change the colour temperature of the OT-light depending on the preference for a more cold-white light (colour temperatures ≥ 4500 K) or for a warm-white OT-light (colour temperatures ≤ 4250 K). The surgeon can set the colour temperature according to the tissue structure, the surgical application and individual colour sensitivity. This way we avoid tiredness during work: for instance, dazzling effects can be avoided after longer interventions by using a warmer light. On the other hand it is possible to increase the contrast by using higher colour temperatures, which supports the surgeon’s power of concentration.
2. SC models are equipped with Single-Colour-chips. Changing the colour temperature is not possible in this case. Of course all the other advantages of the LED technology are also implemented here, or they can be ordered for surcharge (integrated laser pointer).
Common characteristics of the MC models and SC models Facetted multi-lens system : A multitude of computer-calculated facetted lenses guarantees homogeneity and lowest shadiness in the light field. Separately arranged optical systems, each with four LED modules (Multi- Colour models) or each with one LED module (Single-Colour models), generate their own light field, which increases the contrast effect of the OR light. Light intensities of 100.000 Lux can be attained without difficulty. Superiour colour rendition With colour rendering indexes Ra above 96 and R9 (red) above 90 the surgeon recognizes clearly the tiniest nuances of colour in tissue. The colour rendering index for SC models is Ra = 95. For recognizing the exact colour spectrum of the wound the exact rendition of the red colour range is essential. R9(red) ≥ 90 means for the surgeon a visibly better recognition of details. The colour spectrum of the wound is rendered naturally with rich contrast. The OT-light clearly provides welcome relief for your eyes. Illumination in depth You have the possibility to increase the light intensity of the central segment of the OT-light. This enables an optimum illumination of the wound field according to its texture and the shadowing effects. A high and adequate light intensity is very important especially in cases of narrow and deep wound channels.
Integrated OT-laser pointer (optional) integrated video system and monitor The built-in laser pointer always indicates the middle of the light field and helps the surgeon to find the optimal position of the OT-light to the wound field. The laser pointer can be activated either at the key pad on the lamp housing or by a left-turn of the ring at the sterilisable handle. After a short time the laser pointer turns off automatically. Key pad on the lamp housing Several light functions can be adjusted electronically, such as: • Switching ON and OFF • Illumination in depth • Laser pointer • Electronic light intensity control • Endo-Light • Changing the colour temperature: 3750, 4000, 4250, 4500, 4750 K Flow properties During development high attention was paid to the performance of the new LED OR lights in laminar-flow ceiling systems. The flow-enhancing ring form of all light heads (open ring form for the Mach LED 5 models) and the minimal surface avoid any heat increase in the surgeon’s head area and create a perfect laminar flow performance, being a basic hygienic requirement in surgery.
Integrated OT-laser pointer (optional) Key pad on the lamp housing Flow properties Hygiene
Wall panel Handle Cool light Long life-span/low power consumption
Dr. Mach sets standards in the medical illumination technology for decades. The new OT- light generation with LED technology supports your professionality by innovative technology and design.The advantages of the LED technology: adjustable light colour (MC models only), a life-span of minimum 40.000 hours and an almost nonexistent heat development in the surgeon’s head area and in the wound field. The advantages already provided by Dr. Mach’s light technology with halogen and gas discharge lamps have been maintained: Natural colour reproduction, exact illumination of the wound field and easy positioning of the light head.
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